The Daily Spread regrets to inform its consumers that, due to the increased workload and emotional burden of the entirety of its staff*, it will only be posting weekly.

Yes, that technically makes it The Weekly Spread, but our editor* paid twenty dollars for a domain name and is in no position to be wasting money. So you can use your imagination. Or redefine the linear time-space fabric that dictate that a day must only consist of twenty-four hours.

What is an hour? Sixty minutes. And a minute? Sixty seconds. And a second? The amount of time it takes to say Missisippi. But why Missisippi, and why not Ohio? Why sixty instead of seventeen or forty-two? Here at The Daily Spread, we want you to interrogate the world around you and pursue your curiosity to its outermost limits.

So we’ll still be as regular as a prune-fed teenager, but just weekly instead of daily.

In addition, The Daily Spread welcomes all contributions from aspiring writers, poets, artists, statisticians and sneaker-wearers. If you’ve something to share that kindles your fire (in a completely platonic, non-sexual way – damn you Freud!), then send it on to

All the best.

*Revealed! It’s one and the same – Scout.


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