Connie Cao is a twenty-one year old Melbourne based student, blogger and handcrafter. Her blog, K is for Kani, has a formidable online following. She balances a demanding Law/Commerce degree with crafting beautiful, whimsical headbands. Her personal style is bold and bright, a mélange of vintage, handmade and new, which won her the 2012 ASOS Future Stylist Award.

Behind the scenes at ASOS. (Photo: Niran Vinod)

Behind the scenes at ASOS. (Photo: Niran Vinod)

She has been backstage at Shakuhachi and in the front row of shows by Kate Sylvester, Alice McCall, Romance Was Born and Karen Walker. She is currently collaborating with L’Oreal for Matrix Australia. She has graced the covers and hyperspace pages of Peppermint, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue and Fashion Journal.


Connie gave The Daily Spread a few minutes of her time.

The Daily Spread: How has your sense of style and perception of fashion changed over the years?
Connie: I’ve always loved experimenting with colour. Personally, I always wear what is comfortable and what I feel confident in (which strangely enough, is colour). I think fashion is a really unique medium for creative expression and it’s always a joy putting outfits together.


Book or film?

Tea or coffee?

Snow or sand?


You’ve managed to maintain a Bachelor of Commerce and a law degree, as well as blogging and handcrafting. How are you going to use your degree?
At the moment I’m not really sure if I want to delve into a full time marketing (my major) or legal career just yet. But I’m sure that the knowledge I’ve learnt through my years at university will always be useful no matter what I do.


Will fashion ever be a career prospect for you, or just a pastime? 
I love fashion so I’d love to turn it into a full time job. Right now, with the amount of hours I put into my blog and shop, I already feel like I’m doing it full time!


Describe your working/blogging environment.
At the moment I have pretty much overgrown my space however I’m really excited to be saying hello to a much larger studio/office in the next few months. I cannot concentrate with music in the background if I am writing. However if I’m doing creative work, I love to have music in the background. I love to keep my work area neat so that I feel organised and on top of everything – as so much happens at the same time when it comes to online work.


If you had a cocktail named after you, what would be in it?
I would hope that it would have coconut juice, dragon fruit, peppermint leaves, watermelon and honey. I’m not sure how that would taste, though!


To share in Connie’s delightful travels, fashion and handicrafts, name your child after her blog, K Is For Kani. Or get yourself to her Etsy shop.


Eat your heart out, Frieda.



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