Plucked from the Melbourne Fitzroy music scene in 2010, when they featured on Triple J Unearthed, Animaux are a fresh septet that have gathered a dedicated following across the country. They are part of a burgeoning funk movement in Melbourne, alongside Australian music veterans The Cat Empire and fellow Unearthed alumni Saskwatch, who headed to Glastonbury this year. Animaux have a smattering of festivals under the belt, but they are still relatively under the radar. When they perform, Animaux are committed to bringing the heat to pop, feverish with energy and clearly having a ball.

You know when you see a band that’s making it big and you wish you were there when they were still just getting started? This is one of them. Watch this space.

Raising the roof at their single launch for Paradise, 2012. (Photo: Aleksandar Jason)

Raising the roof at their single launch for Paradise, 2012. (Photo: Aleksandar Jason)

Lead singer and sole female in a band with six other fellows, Alex Lahey gave The Daily Spread a few minutes of her time.

The Daily Spread: You’ve just started a new residency at the Evelyn Hotel. What keeps you guys coming back to Melbourne’s music scene?
Alex: Oh man. We’re so excited to be getting back to the Ev! This is the fifth time and sixth month we’ve come back to take on a residency at the venue. Melbourne’s music scene is a wonderful thing to be a part of. Although it’s quite small in the grand scheme of things, there is a real sense of community and everyone is happy to help everyone out – from the artists, to the venues, to the bookers, to the crowds. It’ makes the city all the more vibrant.

What’s your writing process like?
It’s both a blessing and a curse to have the opinions and ideas of seven musicians at work when writing songs. But the end product is something we’re proud of and invested it, which I think makes for a great dynamic between all of us.

(Photo: Greta Robenstone)

(Photo: Greta Robenstone)

When can we expect your next album or EP?
We’re heading into the studio next month to cut another EP, which we expect to release by the end of the year. We can’t wait!

What was the best (or worst) set you’ve ever played?
One of the best sets we’ve played was the last show of our most recent residency at the Ev. After two months of Wednesday night gigs, everything seemed to be building towards the final week and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It was rowdy, messy, sweaty and amazing!
The most “interesting” gig we’ve played was towards the start of Animaux’s career. We had to play through a power failure in a dingy bar. The novelty of playing to a crowd by candlelight wore off pretty quickly.

What’s the ultimate dream?
To play music that we love to people that love hearing it.

Which artist drives you guys to bigger and better things?
One artist that really drives us to realise our potential and live the dream are The Cat Empire. Those guys have given us a lot of guidance as to where we should take our music. The fact that they’re still making killer music that they are wholeheartedly passionate about after an amazing career spanning over a decade is truly inspirational.

If you had a cocktail named after you, what would be in it?
It would be called the Mauxtini and would consist of Melbourne Bitter with a paper umbrella coming out of the top. All class.



To follow Animaux, find them on Facebook.
To hear more of their sweet tunes, peruse their Bandcamp.
Or if you’re in the area, get down to the Evelyn Hotel in Brunswick St, Fitzroy, and see them do what they do best every Thursday night in July.


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