Sandy Honig is an NYC-based photographer who has shot for Rookie Mag, NBC Photo Department and Saturday Night Live. She is an intrepid adventurer, returning from four months studying in Buenos Aires. But this young artist prefers to seek beauty in the ordinary, stealing photos of people on the streets. She is like Humans Of New York’s younger, bolder sister.

Sandy gave The Daily Spread a few minutes out of her day living “the dream”.

The Daily Spread: Your planned shoots have a sense of hyperrealism and stillness to them, but your improvised point-and-shoot snapshots in the street have more of a dynamism to them. Which do you prefer – a deliberate shoot within set perameters or capturing life around you?
Sandy: It’s hard to say which I prefer. I really do love using the point and shoot to capture the little things that I find funny or interesting, which exist naturally. I don’t do as much posed work these days, but I did a series last October called “Clown’s Day Off” that still has some of my favourite photos. I have good memories of shooting it and I love the silliness of them.


You’re twenty-one, getting paid to take photos and living in New York. Was that always what you wanted to do?
I guess it is sort of a dream? I don’t think I ever thought of doing photography for real, because it seemed so out of reach. I am really happy to be paid to do what I enjoy.


You don’t tend to take photographs of yourself. What do you think of the “selfies” culture these days?
Hmm… How do I put this without offending my entire generation? I think self-portraits can be used really, really well if they are taken for a purpose. I find a lot of photographers taking beautiful photos and posing in front of them. I think sometimes they would benefit from stepping outside the frame and photographing what’s behind them.


If you had a cocktail named after you, what would be in it?
I once convinced someone that a bar had a special drink called “The Sandy” which was just vodka and water. He went up to the bar and asked for “The Sandy” and it was just as hilarious and awkward as you could imagine.


For more from Sandy, keep track of her at Cargo Collective or Rookie Mag.


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