British artist and photographer Rhys Atkinson, formerly of the Cargo Collective, is back on the creative scene with the first issue Back To Print entitled Found, a zine for the humble price of £3.20. Back To Print is a student-run publishing press run entirely from the bedroom of a South London flat. It’s a delightful collection of prints that he has found on his travels and now it has made its way to the Antipodes care of the inter web.

The images reminded me of my own futile cheapskate attempts at Polaroid photography, when I discarded print after print. It warms the cockles of my soul to think that someone, somewhere, might have found them and created something beautiful out of my refuse. Rhys’ success lies in simplicity and minimalist design, allowing the photographs to speak for themselves. They are innately human; imperfect, incomplete and incontrovertibly beautiful.

When he spoke to The Daily Spread, Rhys kept it short and sweet.

The Daily Spread: When did you get your first camera?
Rhys: I was introduced to photography through my older brother around the age of fourteen or fifteen. It was an Olympus OM-10. Sadly I don’t still have that camera, since I tend to rotate through a new camera every few months. I guess I just don’t believe that one camera is better than another. I just think that there is a right camera for every person. I’m currently working with a Voigtlander Bessa R2a.

Do you prefer to set up a shot in advance, or do you prefer to work in the spur of the moment?
I never really plan a shot. I just see a moment and try to capture it best as possible.

If you had a cocktail named after you, what would be in it?
Whiskey, lemon juice, gomme syrup and egg white. Nothing beats a Whiskey Sour.

What’s the dream?
Travelling North America in an old Cadillac with my camera, a roll of film and a sleeping bag.

For more from Rhys, save this to ye bookmarkes.


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